Electron Beam Welding

Meyer has five of the most specialized and up-to-date electron beam systems in the Connecticut area. Our capabilities include formats up to 108″x56″x56″ with multiple powers sources up to 30kW. All electron beam systems have integrated multi-axis CNC manipulators consistently delivering high quality while still allowing the maximum flexibility within the chamber and reducing setup time.

Electron Beam Systems

  • Leybold-Heraeus 15kW 52″x36″x40″
  • Leybold-Heraeus 7.5kW 52″x36″x40″
  • PTR 30kW 52″x36″x50″
  • Hamilton Standard 7.5kW 108″x56″x56″
  • Hamilton Standard 30kW 60″x60″x60″