With over 1,100 Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) machines, Meyer is the world’s largest EDM machine shop. EDM, also referred to as spark machining, is the process of producing a desired shape into a metal product using a rapid series of sparks. The working spark is generated by creating a strong imbalance of ionization potential between the product and the tool by charging one with positive ions and the other with negative. As the tool (electrode) and the work piece reach a close proximity to one another, the spark bridges the gap between the two and erodes away both the product and the electrode.

Multi Axis Fast-Hole EDM

Meyer is the world’s largest user of fast-hole Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM).

  • Over 800 CNC Small Hole Drillers
  • Over 400 Conventional Sinker EDM
  • Average of 1.7 million cooling holes per day for the gas turbine engine industry
  • Proprietary fast-hole EDM process allows us to maintain a hole diameter of ±.0005″ and internal flow measurements within ±3% of nominal under normal conditions
  • Capability of machining down to .010″ at a depth to diameter ratio 100:1

Our patented Encore shaping process allows for the manufacturing of complex 3D-shaped diffusers with the hole in a single process sequence.

  • Eliminates mismatched shape tool/hole conditions common to the competition’s two-step process
  • Provides better control over internal mass airflow and the shape of the diffuser characteristic

In order to ensure that all customer requirements are consistently met, Meyer designs and markets automated inspection equipment specific to the nature of the cooling hole process.

  • Meyer designed Five-Axis Vision Systems to measure the location of each cooling hole independently, providing the machinist with critical positioning feedback
  • The Networked Airflow Test Stand measures the internal mass flow rate through each cooling circuit to ensure all areas of the product receive proper cooling
  • Using back lighting, pressurized water and infra-red radiometer based gauging systems, MTI is able to verify that each hole on the product is completely through and free from foreign objects

Conventional Ram / Sinker EDM

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) allows intricate shapes and contours to be machined into all types of metal products.

  • Nearly 200 Ram / Sinker EDM machines through a combination of manual and programmable CNC machine centers
  • Precision down to ±.0005″ inches
  • Surface finishes down to 63 Ra µin

Our in-house design team partnered with our electrode tooling room provides Meyer the flexibility to generate new and redesigned electrodes at the customers’ request.

  • Proprietary power supply technology
  • Unprecedented control over the performance of the cut
  • CMM and non-contact vision inspection systems

Wire EDM

Meyer’s Wire EDM process is a highly precise method of cutting intricate shapes through super-alloys, using a traveling wire electrode between .004″ and .012″ in diameter.

  • Over 35 Wire EDM machines for use in production
  • Quick release tooling
  • Capable of machining within tolerances as tight as ±.0002″
  • Perform 30° or greater tapered cuts