Sectors We Supply

Meyer’s products and services supply military, commercial, general & business aviation, as well as aeroderivative and mid to large industrial gas turbines.

“Our first customer is still a customer. We’re very proud to be able to say that.” Arlyn Easton, Founder of Meyer.


Meyer is proud to be a key supplier to our military and defense programs. Our cutting edge small-hole drilling processes, advancements in waterjet, and other services are designed to hold tight tolerances that are required to perform at extreme temperatures and forces. Our products are found in some of the most advanced fighter programs like the F119 and F125 JSF program and the F22 Raptor, F35 Lightning II, F/A 18 Superhornet as well as next generation fighter jets, trainers, marine applications, tanks, and helicopters.

Meyer proudly supports and hires Veterans.


Meyer’s single source solution to the OEMs ties us directly in to the next generation commercial engine programs. Our commitment to quality and delivery and our time tested track record have won us the key next generation programs currently ramping up, while we continue to maintain legacy programs so there are no shortage of spares.

General & Business Aviation

Our approach to providing a single source solution to our customers minimizes supply chain activities, reduces response times, and provides Meyer with flexibility to manage programs and product flow. This allows us to support schedules for both new products and spares for the OEMs.

Flexibility is essential in the general and business aviation sector where predicting the volatile usage of spares is difficult. Meyer can react in a way most manufacturers cannot.


Meyer also supports the Aeroderivative community in manufacturing and repair services by leveraging our breadth of capabilities and processes from our work in other sectors.

Industrial Gas Turbine

Meyer has developed state of the art processes to machine a variety of land-based turbine components.

  • High Speed EDM Hole Drilling
  • Waterjet Drilling
  • Hole Clearing
  • Waterjet Coating Stripping
  • Chemical Stripping
  • Cutting