Blue Light Scanning

ATOS Triple Scan


ATOS is an industrial, high resolution, optical 3D blue light scanner. It delivers three-dimensional measurement data quickly and accurately to optimize engineering processes and improve manufacturing workflows.


Pixels – 2 x 8,000,000
Measure Points per Scan = 8 million
Point Spacing – .0004” – .024”
Working Distance – 19.3” – 78.7”

Measuring Areas Purchased:*

170mm x 130 mm (6.7” x 5.1”)
320mm x 240 mm (12.6” x 9.4”)
560mm x 420 mm (22.0’ x 16.5”)
* Parts can be scanned up to 3X larger than the measuring area accurately

3D Analysis – CAD comparison, GD&T analysis, …
2D Analysis – 2D section-based data

3D Blue Light Scanner Uses

  • Secondary Inspection Method
    • Will provide a secondary method to verify CMM programs are correct on complex features.
  • Coating Thickness Inspection
    • Parts can be inspected before and after processes to determine thickness changes on the entire part (addition or removal).
  • Casting Inspection
    • Castings can be inspected for possible deviations, to determine stock conditions, and to determine variations from the model.
  • Possible Non-Destructive Diffuser Shape Inspection
    • Diffuser geometry may be able to be inspected without the need for a cut-up.