equator cmms

Equator & CMMs


Working with Renishaw, Meyer has incorporated the new Equator into the Orion SPC quality system. The Equator is the ideal inspection system for use inside manufacturing cells, as it maintains a small footprint with portability, and is versatile in overall measurement capabilities. The Equator is designed for the shop environment and is used in conjunction with operator acceptance programs.

Precision measurements are acquired with a touch probe driven by three encoders, maintaining a perpendicular orientation to products being inspected. Iterative alignment means simple staging fixtures are used to properly orient the work piece. Orion provides real-time SPC feedback on measurements taken by the Equator.


Meyer utilizes a number of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for precision inspection on production and prototype hardware. Networked CMMs allow MTI to compare product samples to the CAD and print data provided by the customer, and ensure all characteristics meet the customer’s intent. Orion QS provides a front end user interface as well as real-time and off-line SPC analysis for all CMM measurements.