platinum plating

Platinum Plating

Platinum plating is an electroplate process to plate platinum onto a component for high temperature oxidation protection.  Platinum is electroplated onto a component before the aluminide cycle to form a platinum aluminide (modified aluminide).  A component that has a higher oxidation protection need/limit than a normal aluminide component receives a plated layer of platinum before the aluminide process.  The platinum slows the oxidation rate at engine temperatures, so a longer life and/or higher temperature capability.  Platinum aluminide is used mainly on 1st stage blades and vanes, occasionally 2nd stage blades and vanes, to help with higher temperature oxidation protection.  It is also used as a bond coat to TBC (Thermal Barrier Coating – Ceramic) top coat.

For a detailed description of the platinum plating process, please click HERE.