Meyer Tool had a great time at iMAGINE Upstate STEAM Festival.

This was the third year that iMAGINE Upstate has held the STEAM Festival in downtown Greenville and the first year Meyer Tool has participated. iMAGINE Upstate is focused on student preparedness and facilitating collaboration among industry partners, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations and the community. The STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Festival features interactive exhibits and live stage shows from more than 70 STEAM-related organizations.

Meyer Tool’s STEAM Festival team was made up of employees from every department at MTG and the Media Department. We began meeting periodically last year to formulate our booth plan. The target age group was primarily K-8 children, and our booth was to consist of an interactive exhibit and a giveaway for the kids. Our team enthusiastically went with Media’s excellent “movie theme” idea, complete with a movie poster, movie trailer, and a fancy popcorn machine. The popcorn as our giveaway was absolute genius – we were the only company giving away free food so we were incredibly popular. Visitors told me they could smell our tent all the way at the other end of the festival! We were told to expect 20,000 total visitors to the festival and to be prepared to giveaway 3,000 gifts, so popcorn (in Meyer Tool bags, no less!) was a perfect option. Our exhibit featured a waterflow stand that our Engineering team built – it could be turned on and off with a remote control. During the presentation on what we do, the engineer would tell the kids to raise their hand or touch their nose and the waterflow stand would automatically turn on! The kids and parents were truly engaged in learning about what Meyer Tool does and the technology behind it.