meyer industrial gas turbine

Industrial Gas Turbine

Meyer has developed state of the art processes to machine a variety of land-based turbine components. We are a premier hole drilling supplier of various hot section components. We utilize a variety of systems in order to fill the needs of our customers including high speed EDM hole drilling, waterjet drilling, and where required a combination EDM/waterjet process. We also offer coating stripping services using both waterjet and chemical stripping methods.

A wide range of conventional machining processes are also within our capabilities, allowing us to be the trusted manufacturing partner.

Meyer IGT has developed complementary processes to meet the needs of the ever changing industrial gas turbine and aerospace industries. With our customers’ needs in mind, we offer a wide range of services utilizing waterjet, chemical stripping and EDM technologies. We also are a premier hold drilling, cutting, and clearing supplier of various hot section components. These include nozzles, buckets, transition pieces, liners shrouds and more.