Media Kit

Our logo is the one element that unites and represents our organization and our brand. These guidelines will help you to determine the best way to use our logo.

Included in the downloadable Media Kit you will find a copy of our Guidelines in addition to multiple formats of our logo. Below is a description of when to use what format.

  • .PDF – (vector) should be used in most cases
  • .PNG – (raster) should NOT be used when printing but can be alright for on screen cases
  • .SVG – (vector) should be used on the web when possible


There are 3 acceptable variations of our logo. Each with specific conditions that might require their use.

Below is our Standard logo and should be used almost always. When in doubt use this version.


A Monochrome version in white is also an option. This version should be used only when the Standard version gets lost in the background.

meyer-logo-white redOnred

When it is required that the logo appear smaller then .26 in or 19 px at 72 dpi wide the below version should be used. This version removes the letters from the logo as they are not legible at this size.



To protect the strength and integrity of the logo, a clear space area, free of competing visual elements, should be maintained.


In the example, ‘X’, represents the clear space around the logo. ‘X’ is equal to half the height of the letter ‘M’ in the MEYER logo.


Meyer Red is not pure red, nor is it arbitrary. When using the color red while associating with Meyer you must use the following color codes.

Pantone 485 C
– Pantone + Solid Coated

Hexadecimal: #e2231a

C: 5%
M: 98%
Y: 100%
K: 0%

R: 226
G: 35
B: 26

Consistency is crucial in building a visual brand that is recognizable.

Logo with Tag Line

Meyer also provides a logo that incorporates a type lockup of the tag line. This can be used to help provide clarity about the main industries Meyer works in.


Feel free to let us know when you will be using our logo. information@meyertool.com